Friday, July 06, 2012

Crazy trip home and time for a reckoning

Wild flight home yesterday, not the flight itself but on the approach into Calgary this what we saw.

I don't think I've ever seen a thunder storm cell from the air before, I've certainly landed during them before.

You looked a little over the left and saw clear skies and where our plane actually was it wasn't raining at all. However we were headed straight for that dark cloud.

Then we landed and were told we couldn't get off the plane due to a lightening risk so we had to stay on the plane till the risk was over. A few minutes later it absolutely started to pour and then hail. There there was more hail and it was bouncing off the plane and we were all a little grateful that we're outside. We sat on the plane for almost an hour before we could get off.

Then wham the hail stopped and in the sky appeared a rather nice rainbow. When we were walking to the car it was like night and day all of a sudden it was back to sunny and warm but you could pick up the hail and make snowballs out of them.

So this week I actually hit the treadmill twice but there was hardly any running as I wound up going both times after dinner. Not a good idea. Tracking was so so but at least I actually wrote something down.

My lovely work friends gave me a ride home yesterday as we decided to go for dinner as one of things about working a fly in fly out schedule groceries are scarce as I'm away for 4 days a week.

We went Dairy Queen as it was on the way to my house and we were ridiculously hungry due our delay, yeah not the wisest choice.  Even worse I contemplated not going to weigh in today as I'm positive there'll be a gain. I have to go today as tomorrow I can't make the meeting. Don't worry I'm going. It's time to face the scale. So that's not till noon, so right now I'm watching the Calgary Stampede Parade on TV.

Half marathon training starts Monday and it's bang on focus from that point on. I think I might start over with the C25K and add it to the half marathon training. My training consists of 2 days running/walking for 45min, then a 3rd day is for the long distances. I want to add 2 cross training days in there plus a rest day. I know one cross training day will Iron Reps and Zumba at the gym. The other one I'll need to figure out in camp.

This weekend I'm quite the social butterfly which so unlike me. I'm off to Jersey Boys tonight and then tomorrow it's shopping for western wear (for Stampede) and my friends are going to Magic Mike. I know reviews are saying there's not much plot but we think it will still be fun girls night thing to do.

Enjoy your day!


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Enz said...

You have a good plan. Hope the meeting is good and fuels your motivation.