Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2

Ok I'll admit when you've been off plan for a few weeks it's a wee struggle to get back on plan. I had an altercation with potato chips today. Oh well the important part is to keep going in the right direction.

This morning my left foot/ankle was mega sore. I was hobbling in my camp room. By the end of the day I was walking normally with just a wee bit of soreness. I do wonder if my love affair with Mizuno Wave Alchemy runners is over. Yet it's only my left foot that has issues lately Tomorrow is another run day and I brought the Wave Inspire pair with me so we'll see how it goes.

I am very intrigued by the Nike Lunarglide 4 +, almost bought a pair online last night but held off for going the traditional route like going to a store and trying them on.

Tonight I did yoga for the first time in a long time. I put in my go to yoga DVD - Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. It was a television series so the dvd is divided into episodes I did the warm up and 12 min flow of Exalted Warrior then the warm up , 12 min flow and savasana of Sun Moon.

I was happy with how much I remembered but I definitely lost some of my yoga mojo. We shall see how I feel tomorrow.

Still wearing the Nike Fuelband and will write a review by this weekend.

Hope you had a great Tuesday.



Enz said...

Looking forward to the review of the Fuel Band.

alexrobort said...

hi, i like yoga as you. It is simple way to do and good effective for our body health. we can try it for self body fitness. Most of people like yoga compare with exercise.