Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yahoo weekend

Let me back track to Friday, Jersey Boys was spectacular and a whole lot of fun.

I was surprised how many Four Seasons songs I knew. Of course my brain retains millions of irrelevant pieces of information that every once in awhile come in handy.

Let me back track a little before the show. I did go to weigh in and I have to say I really enjoy the Friday noon leader, there was hardly anyone there but that was expected as it was the first day of the Calgary Stampede

I was up 1.2 over 2 weeks. I deserve it as I discussed in recent post.

Saturday was a crazy 3 malls in the same day in search of Western Wear, I was hanging out with 3 friends all who I met at work and I'm totally blessed to have met them. They are super funny and a delightful group of ladies. We were talking about my blog and I told them I don't really mention names of people and if I do it's just the first initial. Well they created blog identities for themselves. So here's a shout out to Mitzi, Lucky and Lola and I can't wait to chill with you ladies again.

I picked up everything that I had on my list so it was a successful shopping trip. I stopped in at the Running Room in Cross Iron Mills mall and asked about my recent issues with my Mizuno Wave Alchemy runners. Now I had already asked the guy at Sport Chek a few weeks ago and Mizuno Wave Inspire was recommended but I'm not enjoying them. So far I've only done a 30min run/walk on a treadmill with them so perhaps I'm speaking too soon. The Running Room guy said the same thing to try the Wave Inspire now I didn't tell him I already had them.

Next weekend I'm might wander down to a different Running Room and not tell them what I used before to see what they recommend. I've been considering Nike Lunarglide +3, the theory is that it adapts to your foot. I'll need to try them on see what's what. I know I don't want do the bulk of my half training in my current Wave Alchemy 10. I have the 9 version at work is cool for the treadmill and my last favourite runners. I don't know what happened with version 10 but they don't feel the same and I've been wearing them a lot so they're thoroughly tested. I've been wearing Mizuno Wave Alchemy since version 5.

Today was all about mowing the jungle lawn as it was guaranteed not to rain today. That was a good chunk of exercise as there was a portion of back lawn and behind my back fence that was almost 2 feet high due to all the rain.

I also weeded the flower beds and watered the flowers as it's going to +30C for the next few days that's 86F for you imperial followers.

I've worn the Nike Fuelband for the whole week and will post a more thorough review shortly. I wanted to wear it for a good chunk of time before giving my complete two cents.

Now it's laundry and taking it easy as I fly out tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is day 1 of Disney Wine and Dine training and I will blog all about that as you guys hold me accountable.

Alright hope you're having a delightful Saturday!!!

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