Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time to think

Besides naps and rediscovering daytime tv I've also had a ton of time to think at my Dad's house.

I've been thinking. I've been thinking about priorities and commitment.

My commitment to weight loss lately has been 80-20. The 80 has been thinking and the 20 has been doing. The doing needs more focus that's for sure.

I've been watching Dr Oz. I have a tough time with this show as he's always recommending unusual supplements or teas that may or may not have the proof to back up the claims. Today was a repeat about 3 important health tests. One he talked about was waist size and how it should be half your height in inches. So I'm 5'4 in theory my waist should be minimum 32in. Well it's not but what that brought home to me is I'm now 40 and it's about time I get super serious about getting healthier.

I'm taking a week off of half marathon training by visiting my Dad and I'm ok with that as it's so close to the beginning. I needed the time to figure out what's been going on with my foot and take a minute to breathe. At Dad's there is nothing light. It's regular ground beef,butter and coffee cake every afternoon. There is also no evening snacking (a particular downfall for me). It's funny how I notice that because I can't mindlessly head for the fridge or cabinet here.

I came across Chirunning on Kobo which takes getting your head around but i like the theory and will test it when i get home. When I return home focus must be 100%.

That means making food (as in tracking & eating right) and training must be the priority. This means better scheduling on my part.

There was a time were I put everything in my outlook calendar at work. I'd schedule snacks, meal time and activity. I'll be doing that again.

Lately at camp I've been eating in the cafeteria for lunch on Mondays. I used to bring my lunch from home. The camp caterer doesn't post NI info on lunch but they do on dinner. So I'll be packing again this Monday. Sure you could try to pick healthy options but Mondays are such a long day especially as I'm up by 3:30am it makes preplanning even more important. It's so easy to choose fries when your exhausted and don't care for anything else offered. On Mondays I've typically shot my day by 1pm due to lunch in the cafeteria.

I've also been distracted by the social aspect of camp lately in regards to going for dinner with friends. My prime workout time is immediately when I get to camp. As I also find it better to workout on an empty stomach. If I go to dinner first I get distracted by the conversation, as my coworkers are some seriously funny people, and out goes the workout. What I need to keep in mind is this just not a workout. I am training for an event. I need to think like an athlete. What better time then to be inspired by the Olympics. I get goose bumps with all these theme songs on all the networks. I think about how it's the athlete's job to focus and be committed. I need to think of my races as my Olympics not to win but be respectful of.

My social time can be post training or at lunch.

I got invited to go camping next weekend. I know if I go that throws 2 training days. So I will pass. Now I haven't camped since I was a teenager so while I suspect it would be fun it would also be so off plan. I need to learn how to make sacrifices. Have I mentioned I'm an only child and single so that's not 100% natural to me. Mind you I was never spoiled and a lesson I learned repeatedly growing up was you need to work for everything you accomplish. Now career wise I can do that now I need to but the same effort into losing weigh and getting fitter.

I do hope all of your week is going well so far.


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