Friday, August 12, 2011

Reminding myself

I have been rather annoyed with myself over the past two weeks of allowing external circumstances derail me on my weight loss goal. It's not the circumstances themselves but more my reaction to them.

You wouldn't really think I was trying to get fit by my actions this week.

Last night I ordered a Body Media, that's the thing the contestants on the Biggest Loser wear to track calories burned, sleep, activity by wearing a sensor on their arm. I'm not abandoning WW and far from it. I've been looking into this for a long time and decided I needed another weapon in my arsenal. I guess it helps that I'm a techno geek. I signed up for a 6-month subscription to their service as I know that can get me to goal.

I'm not sure if I'm over estimating or under estimating activity and I'm curious about my sleep patterns.

Last night I was also thinking about my ridiculous behaviour and that was after eating the Sheppard's pie at Spur. Today I decided to do a one day cleanse. I'm not a big believer in cleanses as your body is pretty well designed to process food. My motivation was more to focus in on my hunger signals and truly focusing on what that feels like.

Today I've had water, every two hours water with lemon and wee bit of maple syrup. I didn't go all master cleanse and add cayenne pepper. I'm doing this for one day after all.

It's been an interesting day, certainly I've been hungry but then the feeling goes away. I definitely have a reminder of what true hunger feels like unlike boredom, stress or a funk.

As I was reading my home feed on twitter I saw a challenge initiated by Monica to lose 5lbs per month. O.k I know I have an iffy relationship with challenges but I'm looking for anything to get me re-focused (not to mention that half marathon in January),

Tomorrow I head off to Dad's so for a week I'm at his mercy on the food prep. The good thing is he's learned  along the way and will get me skim milk even though he doesn't drink it. He'll ask me before he makes something. That was not the case for the majority of my life but since I've been on this journey he's helpful in his way.

I'm bringing my running gear, it will be a bit different for me as the only option will be to go outside on gravel roads. I'm also bringing my skipping rope as option b if the weather is bad or there's a bear in the area. Did I mention my Dad lives in the middle of the country?

He gets 3 channels so my Kobo is loaded with reads.

Not sure if I'll time to blog tomorrow so if not I wish you all a fabulous week. I'll be back on the 20th.


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Have a great vacation!