Monday, August 01, 2011

A new month and enough goofing around

I often write about my goals or intentions but quite often I abandon that at some point. The weird part is the only area I do that in my life is this weight loss thing.
I did keep up with my stickers though. This is my kitchen calendar and you can see the beginning of July didn’t go so well. The little sticker is a smiley face and that represents tracking and the heart represents activity. I finished off the month stronger but I need to focus so I’ve set myself a challenge for the next 30 days in August.

At the end of this month there will be stickers on every single day.

The challenge is post my photo food journal and activity. I did take pictures of everything yesterday but I derailed myself with Haagen Daz at the end of the day. I’m starting fresh with the first day of August.
Strangely I stepped on the scale today and it was lower then yesterday. I had no workout yesterday either.

Today started with a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios and a glass of skim milk.
I had a cup of coffee which I didn’t take a picture of and then faced a bit of work crisis. I’m pretty good in a crisis as I’m not emotional. My logical brain kicks in hard core and it’s think it through fast and take the correct action. However the emotions will resurface later and typically in food decisions.
I got into these and I tracked them. I kept it together till lunch.
Super simple natural salami sandwich on whole wheat French bread with hot mustard and unsweetened applesauce on the side.
Then I got into one extra piece of bread and some hummus - no photo
Then I got into a mini Coffee Crisp
Then it was a Rolo Sundae
Of course I took pictures of the coffee crisp and rolo after I ate them. This all took place between noon and 2pm. I felt I needed to post it in full disclosure and to start this challenge off right. I did track it all and it left me with 2pts for dinner.
Activity was walking to the grocery store and back because I needed to pick up some snacks for site.
Then I got better and kept myself busy and as my plan is to be in bed by 8pm as I need to get up at 4am I had dinner at 6pm
Dinner was a green monster, in the blender is one cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, a banana, two handfuls of spinach and some frozen unsweetened strawberries.
Blended very well
I do have a tough time drinking things of odd colour so I love my Tupperware Tumbler, keeps it cold as well.
I have one point left so I’ll have a turkey bite for some protein.
All I need to do is take out the garbage and then it’s too bed at 8 with a book so I’ll hopefully fall asleep.
I might need to be a little sneaky about food pictures at site but worst case scenario I just write about it.
I hope of all you enjoyed your Monday and to those in Alberta and Ontario hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

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