Friday, August 05, 2011

I'm writing this week off

Yes, I did have technical difficulties yesterday as the computer I have in my camp room is HP and I'm a Dell girl. I didn't have live writer on my HP computer and the process of posting pictures was taking forever so then I decide to download live writer and by the time that was all said and done it was time to go to bed.

I have never had a week like I've had this week in my entire life. That crisis that surfaced on Monday, that I was led to believe was under control was not. I arrived at work on Tuesday and from that moment on I've been flying by the seat of my pants and feeling like the world was on my shoulders. Add to that I'm trying to support people who feel like they have the entire solar system on their shoulders. At the same time I'm trying to cover for my co-worker who's on vacation.

I tried tracking and took a whack of photos of meals. The thing about stress is it eats you. Tuesday night I was someone's buddy and by the time that day was done I just wanted to go to bed.

Wednesday night I walked into the kitchen for dinner and there wasn't one item on the menu that appealed to me so dinner was fries with gravy and a bowl with chickpeas, olives, tomatoes and beets. I did have salad for lunch that day and the last thing I wanted was a traditional salad for dinner. I put my gym clothes on and went to the gym.

At site the fitness options are an activity in the big gym and Wednesday is badminton (but I find it far too intense as these are highly competitive very skilled player after all primarily men) there's also hockey and basketball. The fitness room (small room) where if there isn't a jam night it has a good selection of free weights (plates and bars) that I could use for to recreate Iron Reps and it's nice if you just want a quiet place to focus on your workout. The women's gym (small room) which has one treadmill, one stepper, one rower and one elliptical and a selection of dumbbells. Then there's the co-ed gym which has more equipment. There are roughly 1000 people living in that camp right now, mind you not all there at the same time.

I got to camp later than usual on Wednesday and wanted to do Iron Reps but I found myself with 4 guys in the fitness room so no room for me. The only piece of equipment I like in the women's gym (treadmill)  being used and the co-ed gym was packed. Oh I could have figured something out but I turned around and went back to my room because the last thing I wanted was to be around people. Of course I attempted to blog but ran into issues.

Thursday I had to be someone else's buddy so I spent the day running around and wound up having lunch in the main cafeteria as I had to take my buddy for lunch. The day was just crazy still stressful but more under control but I could feel all of the tension in my shoulders. I definitely felt myself starting to crumble but I had to keep it together at least until I got home.

When I finally got home I laid down on the floor and I finally had a chance to exhale. I've been running on auto pilot and trying to be there for everyone that I totally put myself on hold because that's the best way I could deal with it. I had a cold beer and made myself some homemade nachos and pretty much snacked. I'm so an emotional eater.

I haven't stepped on a scale all week (and I have one in my camp room) until this morning and I'm up 2lbs.

Today is all about decompression and meeting two friends for dinner as I need people who will make me laugh.

I think I handled this week well in terms of supporting my people and everyone has been telling me how proud they are of me. In terms of Weight Watchers not a good week at all but in all honesty that was not a priority this week.

Tomorrow I have zero intentions of going to weigh in as I'm writing this week off. You might disagree with that and you're certainly entitled to your opinions but sometimes you just need to do what feels right for you.

That does not mean I'm going to eat like crazy today and in total abandon.

I do have intentions of getting back on track and refocusing on my goals and hitting the gym on Saturday. Today I think it will be a nice long walk outside. Next week will also be crazy but I feel better prepared to handle that and not throw WW out the window. The week after that I'm off do Dad's for a week of country life.

I do hope you all have a fabulous day and thank you so much for your support.


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Enz said...

Here's hoping next week is better all around for you!