Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Week but my geek is on

This was a busy week hence no blogging. I did give a quick report on Tuesday.
Our Minute to Win It United Way event was hysterical and the stories continued all day Wednesday.

I flew home on Wednesday and worked in Calgary all day Thursday. I'm so not used to a corporate environment anymore. I'm quite used to rolling out of bed, putting on minimal make-up, getting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and put together then heading to the camp kitchen for breakfast.

Thursday was thinking what to have for breakfast, putting together a more appropriate outfit and of course doing a more full make-up look.

Had a great evening at my boss's boss house and playing with her two Westies. They are so adorable.

Today was off to Aveda for a trim. My mission is to grow out my hair a little longer. It's getting there. This is a post gym picture so not as perfect as when I left Aveda. I think two more inches will be just right.

I then headed off to Running Room to get a new pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy's as my outside pair needs replacing. I'm now on to version 11, can't believe I've worn these shoes since version 5.

I'm really enjoying the Bodymedia and have been wearing it for 5.5 days now. Here's today so far. I haven't hit all of my activity targets this week as my schedule has been crazy with super long days. Next week will be back to my normal schedule.

I'm really happy I got the Bluetooth version as I love syncing it through the day to see where I'm at.

The Japanese food from Thursday night didn't do me any favours on the weight loss front. Which is slightly annoying as I was doing so well this week.

Today I went to Iron Reps and had planned to do Zumba but I felt off during Iron Reps like a little light headed so I opted to head home afterwards.

The only thing that won't sync to the phone is sleep, that only works when I actually plug the device into my computer. My sleep quality has been 86% since Monday and averaging 7 hours per night of actual sleep.

I have been tired this week and after running around downtown this morning which included a stop at Clinique to get more Repairwear laser focus serum (fighting ageing every step of the way). I tried using L'Oreal's Youth Code but don't like the serum as much as this one. I do like the day/night cream though.  I did have a nice 90min nap when I got home and then had to talk myself into getting up and going to the gym. I think I could have stayed in bed.

I did decide to continue using my 3 month WW tracker as it's way easier to carry around and actually does have enough room to track my snack senses. I had to pack up in a hurry on Wednesday to make the plane and forgot it at work. I think I'll pick up a new one tomorrow as for the past few days I've just tracked on Bodymedia. I'm curious to see how the calories line up with points.

I hope you all had a great week.



Fatoutofskinny said...

Have you tried the WW app on the iPhone? I use mine all the time and love it, even has a points calculator. I also have the app on my iPad too
Like your hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing info about the Bodymedia! I may have to check in to picking one up :)