Sunday, August 28, 2011

3 days off goes fast

As I work a compressed work week (40hrs in 4 days) I always get 3 day weekends. Now that I've been doing that for awhile I find they fly by just as fast as the two day weekends. I really can't account for much though which also happened on the 2 day weekends.

Been watching storm coverage on hurricane Irene. I hope all of you effected are safe. I do consider myself to be insanely blessed to not live an area that's not impacted by too many natural disasters. Even 72cm of snow overnight didn't bring us down. Knock on wood though.

On Saturday I went to weigh in. I weighed in at the 2nd meeting of the day as I've had so much sleep issues this week a few extra hours were much needed. I didn't stay for the meeting I just did a drive by. I was 172 which is a .4 gain from my last WW weigh in. When it's a 2lb loss from when I returned from my Dad's house so I'm happy with that. I then popped into Walmart and picked up a few things mostly for site like face wipes, sports bras and unsweetened applesauce.

Today I was debating on to run or not. I despise running outside in hot weather. Household chores were nagging me and the gym didn't open till 10am so instead tomorrow will be run day. I'm trying to sort out my training schedule as this week will be more back to normal with the exception of a meeting on Tuesdays that will go later. I want to create a consistent plan. I do want to avoid running two days in a row at least for now. I figure if I run on Mon and Wed on the treadmill at site and then do a longer run on Friday that will work. Then the days in between become cross training and Tuesday can be a yoga day. If I got to Iron Reps on Saturday it's a 1hr workout as opposed to 45min on Friday. That means Sundays must now be either a workout dvd or not the treadmill at the gym. My gym has no classes on Sundays.

I do own the WW app and love it, I use that primarily as my Points calculator. For most of last week I tracked in the book and not on the app. I do like to track on the app as well as it lets me double check what I've written down but. As I've said before I'm a data geek. I also like the paper and pen thing so I did pick up a new 3-mth tracker on Saturday. I'm wearing the Bodymedia consistently.

Last night I ordered an extra arm band and USB cable so when I wash it I have one to wear while it dries and I can keep a USB cable in my camp room so I can load info and charge. I've tracked diligently on Bodymedia for since I got it.

Today has been laundry, watering the lawn and general housework. I've already laid out my clothes for tomorrow and have my work stuff sorted.

I need to wage war on some wasps that have moved into my yard so I'm hoping to do that around 8pm ish as it's best early morning or evening. I have avoided naps yesterday and today to ensure good sleep. Tomorrow as always I have an early wake up.

Tomorrow I need to do laundry at camp but I have a play to do the washing while that's going on go to the gym, come back but in dryer then go for dinner and by the time that's all done it's folding and to bed.

Not a thrilling weekend but sometimes that's o.k too.

Hope you enjoyed yours,


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