Saturday, August 06, 2011

The monsoon has lifted

Had a good night with my friends/co-workers at Joey’s last night, it ended a little emotional for me but it was a good release.

Alas today was a new day and more importantly a new week and I’m committed to turning this ship around.
Woke up at 7 and had a breakfast of Multigrain Cheerios with 1/2c milk and had a cup of milk to drink. Total: 6 ProPoints.

Then I headed off the gym and went to Zumba. We had a sub instructor who apparently teaches the Senior class at a sister club. She was really nice but all over the place. Zumba can seem confusing on the best of days but she’d start off with a move and if people looked uncertain she’d change it or slow it down without really giving people the opportunity to actually figure it out. 5 people walked out a different points and I’ve never seen than before. I didn’t find it as challenging as usual so I tracked it as 3AP as oppose to the regular 5.

I stayed for Iron Reps and that class kicked my patootie. Afterwards I walked over to Safeway and my knees where Jell-O as I tried to step up on to a curb.

This is me post workout after 2 hours in the gym plus the 15min walk there. I literally took this right after finishing iron reps.
I love the scoop neck tank from Lululemon and contemplating if I need a couple more.

It was now 1:30pm so I was hungry hence stopping in at the grocery store so I grabbed a small 1% chocolate milk – 6 ProPoints.
For lunch I grabbed a premade salad called Signature Cafe Quinoa and Wheat Berry layered salad – 5 ProPoints for half. There are two servings in the container.
I was having pizza cravings so for an afternoon snack I went with
3 ProPoints for 34 fish

I also had a couple of these mini meringues and 13 of them are 3 ProPoints. I had 6 using my WW app that turned out as 2 ProPoints.
Spent the afternoon cleaning off my pvr and catching up on Masterchef. I might have tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch tomorrow as that was the final challenge of this episode.

I also picked up my dinner and I brought home the vegetarian sushi made with brown rice.
Sushi dinner
I love vegetarian sushi and haven’t had some in awhile. There is a sushi restaurant right next to the gym but this supermarket version was great. 6 ProPoints according to the WW database for 9 pieces.

Tomorrow I need to wake up my run/ walk program. Depending on when I wake up I might go outside in the morning but if it’s later it will be the air conditioned gym.

I downloaded a book on emotional eating that got some good reviews so I’ll start that tonight and will post a review. I still owe you guys a review on another book but I feel I need to re-read it to give it justice.

I hope you had a great Saturday! I’m just going to focus on day by day and remember today’s feeling of feeling super good after my workout.


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Enz said...

You defintely turned your week around today. Way to go!

What's the new book you're reading (the emotional eating one) called?

Love seeing pics of you, its so nice to have a face to go with your words.