Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A sequence of long days

First off..I liked "He's just not that into you". Don't go if you're expecting an oscar worthy movie. If you want to be entertained and laugh out loud definitely see it. You'll love it especially if you're a girl and at some point in your life you've dated an idiot. For myself...been there, done that.

It's a likeable cast there are some kind of slow moments but I'm a hopeless romantic so I liked it.

I got my Halfmoon Yoga package today so I know own a travel mat and a zafu (pictured). Fantastic for sitting meditation. I have the blue one (twilight). It allows me to sit in a better posture and ensures my knees are happy. I adore their products I have bolsters from them too.

Today was interesting I had someone walk out of an interview (though it was quite evident in the first few minutes that it wasn't going anywhere). I had to rescind an offer letter and the people who really should have done it where being total jerks. Alas it's in the past.

On the up side I met new hiring managers today and they were fantastic. The colleague who never calls me back, called me today..twice. I seriously thought about buying a lottery ticket.

Tomorrow I'm on a plane at 6am to go to Fort Mac. My boss won't be there due to family reasons and everyone tonight was saying why are you going. I responded with because I said I would. I don't know if they'll still have a meeting but it's good to go see them as we're all the same team.

I actually get a lot done there. I find that always happens when your not surrounded by your normal environment.

I have an alarm going of at 3:30am so I should go to bed.

Yup it's going to be a long day tomorrow. Thank goodness the following day is Friday :)


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♥ Dee ♥ said...

It really will be TGIF for you.