Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roll up the rim

Hello, hello,
First of all let me address some questions. The BL Yoga DVD recommends you do the maximum results workout 3 times per week. I ordered it off of Amazon.ca, because I too couldn't find it in a store.

I was on the way to work on Monday giving myself a mini lecture in my head on how I shouldn't really buy coffee at Tim Horton's when my office provides it for free. Then a girl crossed the street holding a roll up the rim to win cup. All bets were off, I bought coffee in the off chance I can win the Toyota. Well there are 35 of them. It's so Canadian this contest. I won a donut on Monday and got a try again today.

This morning the line up was huge, but I perservered and it went really fast. Shout out to the Tim's in Bow Valley Square they're speedy.

I usually get the double/ double and for those of you that don't know that's two shots 18% cream and two shots of sugar. Clocks in at 7pt for an XLG. Yes it's evil.

Today I tried single cream, double sugar and it's 4pts and it was alright. Tomorrow I'll try single/single and see if I can bring it down to 3pts. Cream in my coffee is one thing I won't sacrifice. Normally at home it's canned milk but just plain milk does nothing for me in coffee unless it contains espresso.

I did yoga at home on Monday using the myyogaonline.com and I found an instructor I quite like, there's far more to explore. Went to my in person yoga class tonight and I didn't really enjoy it. I prefer a flow to my practice, move from pose to pose with breath. This class is more obscure instruction and lots of talk. I adore the teacher and it's good to be exposed to different styles but I just wasn't feeling it tonight.

Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I could hit the gym for cardio or it's more yoga. I'm embracing the yoga as I'm getting a wee stressed. Trainer is Thursday but I hear today that we may be required to work late on Thursday. I hope I know by tomorrow so I cancel my session with 24hrs notice.

Alright guys I'm off to bed, talk to you later.


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