Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just chillin'

I had plans for today, wash dishes (which I did), read chapter (didnt'), do laundry (didn't), organize new train case from Sephora - pictured (didn't) and write shopping list (didn't). Today was just chill, slept like 12hours and then had a nap at 2pm...because I could.

What I did do today was log into my work email 4 times. Then spent most of the day loading software so I could open SAP at home...why oh why.

I've never had a blackberry before this job, never wanted one either. I now know why this thing is called the "crackberry". I check it without even thinking about it. So after I logged into my work email remotely after wanting to check something based on an email I read on the Blackberry. I took care of two requests just because I was logged on. The bad thing about doing that is I'm setting up the expectation that I work weekends.

Then of course I read things that will bug me over the weekend. For example an email from someone we interviewed in December about his disappointment that I didnt' get back to him about not getting the job. Here's the thing I'm not the recruiter in charge of that job, I was covering the interview as that recruiter was away. Apart from being hr support to the hiring managers I don't talk to his people, he booked their interview and would create the offer letters or rejection letters. I talk to my people. The thing that irritates me about this too is this guy was referred by someone internally, in that case the hiring manager tells him the result of the interview. Now I feel like the bad guy when I didn't do anything wrong. So I forwarded this to the other recruiter and asked him if he wanted me to get back to this guy or if he'd prefer to.
Then the next email sings my praises and calls me dedicated. I need to seriously leave the blackberry on silent at the bottom of work bag on weekends. That's the new plan.

I found a take along shopping cart that doesn't make me look like a senior citizen, I'll take a picture tomorrow when the light is better. I tried to find one online but came up with nothing. It's made by a company called Urbana, it's a big canvas sack on wheels and can hold 40lbs. It's super light and looks to have decent wheels No longer will I contemplate the purchase of spaghetti squash based on if it can fit in my backpack. I can buy a 2l container of milk and juice in one trip. It's craziness I tell you. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I don't have a vehicle and am not that fond of driving in general. I usually walk to the grocery store and back, or take the bus. Now that the weather is warming up I really prefer to walk. I'm testing this thing tomorrow.
Now I do have a few things to take care of tomorrow but I enjoyed by day of chillin'.

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