Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ahhh Sleep

I went to bed last night at around 9pm and I woke up this morning at 10:30am. Ahhh Bliss...
I've been knackered for the last few days that's for sure.

There's a long weekend this weekend and I'm thrilled. I need to write a rough copy of my part of the group project and I need to sort out food.

I'm in a nasty habit of buying lunch which is getting dangerous. Not just calorie wise but I could be saving money. My suppers turn into things that are fast i.e McCain's fries. Not good my friends not good at all.

So with this extra day this weekend I can get myself a bit better organized with cleaning house and grocery shopping and research.

I need to call trainer on Tuesday. I left a message early Thursday to say I couldn't make that night and I never heard from him. I'm a bit irritated by that as I was asking about arranging for next week. Now I have a commitment on Wednesday so the only day I can go is Friday next week. I don't think I need to fly anywhere the following week so I should be able to resume my normal schedule.

Oh I meant to tell you about a find. I was talking to my neighbours at yoga the week before last and she mentioned a website she found For a little under $100 US you get unlimited full screen yoga, pilates and meditation videos for just over a year. That's less than $10 a month. I think they're based in Vancouver so I don't get the american fee but I recognized one of the instructors from the Kate Potter videos.

It's got every kind of yoga from beginner to advanced and the instruction and visuals are fantastic. It's like your own personal yoga instructor. You can pick videos by time as well from 15min and beyond so it's perfect. As you search through you can add them to a my practices list so you don't need to go looking again.

At some point this weekend I'll give the Biggest Loser Yoga my full attention. So I'll write about that soon.

Picked up the new Clean Eating magazine so I'm hoping that gives me some inspiration for healthy lunches and dinners.

I should go shovel snow. Have a great Saturday!!!

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