Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

Today is a holiday for some provinces in Canada. It's called Family Day and today while not with my family it's still good to have a long weekend.

I just schlepped a whack of groceries home. I'm set food wise that's for sure and fully prepared to take lunch to work and have fast options for supper.

While I'm waiting at the checkout I always observe what people are buying. The guy behind me loads of fruit, fresh veggies, lean protein and one box of vanilla ice cream. I like him.

I am obsessed with a game on my Itouch. It's called Yard Sale, it's kind of like Sims for home decorating. It's one of those hide and seek games where you search for objects hidden among the screen. It sucks the energy out the Itouch though, so I have to charge it daily when I get into this game. I find myself saying things like "Where the heck is the pineapple".

Off to do the rough copy of my paper, hope your Monday is fantastic.


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