Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It was a balmy -28c with windchill this morning but I was wearing my Land's End long coat.
I look like I'm walking around in a sleeping bag but I don't care, when it's that cold out people are practically running to their next indoor destination and not observing what you're wearing. Plus I have the added bonus of technically I could sleep anywhere as this coat is wicked comfy.

I had a notice in my mailbox that I have parcel to pick up. I can't think what it is. I got an email from Sephora today saying my package shipped but that can't be it. Amazon would be freakishly fast if that was it. I'll wait for a few days as it's going to warm up.

My coffee experiment continues, one cream and one sugar not so good. I think I'm a two sugar kind of girl. I will try the milk as I suppose I should try it before I knock it.

I really find Tim Horton's an interesting place at 6:45am. It's truly a picture of society. There are the expensive suit people and the people you are fairly certain scraped together the 1.50 to buy that coffee. Tim doesn't judge. All are in line together and all know the comfort of a hot coffee on a cold day at a quarter to 7 in the morning.

Trainer called and cancelled Thursday, though he said I'm now booked for Monday and Thursday next week. Ha, if even tries to tease me about missing that first Thursday I now have ammo. My coworker trains with a different trainer there and I guess my trainer was telling her how I blew him off for a meeting. (I called at 10am to cancel a 5:30pm appointment). Yeah, yeah buddy I miss you too.

Tonight I will embrace the yoga. I ate crap all day today in an emotional combination of stress, being tired and it's freaking cold outside.

Did I tell you I'm seeing a psychic next Friday. This plan started when I was still at my old job and then plans continually change. I'm going to my friend/old coworkers house and we'll have dinner there. I signed up for an hour, what the heck apparently she's quite accurate. It begins with a palm reading, then a tea leaf reading and then the tarot. I'm curious as to what she says, I always take a huge grain of salt with these things but it will interesting what she says especially given the crazy times we're currently in. I'm supposed to bring a cassette tape, when I heard that I actually had the thought - Do they still make those?

I own a few tarot decks and I'm useless as I've never taken the time to really learn the cards. I do remember one memorable reading I did for a friend a very long time ago. Everything was freakishly on and one card even represented myself in their life. Until I realized I was reading the whole thing wrong. In actuality it was completely wacky and no relevance whatsoever. Apparently I'm really good if I make it up.

Alright that's it for now....later!


MeltingLisa said...

Hey my fellow Calgarian! Supposed to be up to -5 by Friday .. oi I really hope so!

The Glitterati said...

Ya know, I think there is something peculiar about Tim's coffee that demands copious amounts of cream & sugar. I've tried the single-single myself and agree that it is unpleasant, though the 2 cream, 1 sweetener combo is ok.

I'm off Tim's now for the most part (it's the only late-night option on campus, and so I'm sick of it) but I find if I get 'normal' coffee (e.g., at 7-11, the corner coffee place, whatever), swapping milk for the cream or sweetener for the sugar isn't so bad. But only one swap.... not sure coffee with milk & sweetener even qualifies as coffee anymore! ;)