Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back from Fort Mac

Yet again I found myself in a cab this morning at 4:30am. Was a bit concerned as the normal turn off to the airport was blocked by a police car so we had to go a different route and cab driver didn't seem so sure about where we were.

It was all good showed up in plenty of time and it's funny now that I know more people I recognize more. It's funny though how sometimes people can't place you because they're seeing you in a different place.

Fort Mac itself was fine the weather was the same as Calgary and it was great seeing my team since I haven't seen them in months. I wouldn't say I'm as close to them as the downtown group but there area few that are super great to connect with. By 2pm I was falling asleep at my computer. I'm not kidding, my head almost hit the keyboard. I made coffee and got complements on my coffee making skills. The trick was 1 and half packs.

I did get a lot done, it's a bit quieter environment than here but that can be a downfall too especially when your energy is zapped by 2pm.

So I'm heading to bed very soon. I just found Ru Paul's Drag Race on so I think I'll tape that.


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