Sunday, February 22, 2009

BL Yoga - this is a workout

Alright my friends I tackled the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga dvd today and wowsers this thing is hard.

I'm not a yoga expert but I'm not a beginner either. I was sweating at level one. The poses themselves aren't super difficult but you hold them for a long time. Bob really really likes plank pose.

The DVD is structured like this:
Warm Up 5 min
Level 1 20min
Level 2 15 min
Level 3 10 min
Cool Down 5 min

You have two ways to do this, you can either choose from the options above and customize your workout or you can follow their "Maximum Results Program" over 6 weeks.
Week 1-2 is Warm Up, Level 1 and Cooldown
Week 3-4 is Warm Up, Level 1, Level 2 and Cooldown
Week 5-6 is all the options listed above.
They give a maintenance option which is 45min 3 times a week.

You have the option of having music and Bob's instruction or just music. I always love when they do that as you wind of memorizing the thing if you do often enough.

The cool down starts with a series of stretches vs. the traditional savasana. They do close in savasana (corpse pose) but given what this workout consists of I'd prefer a longer portion of that. The plugging of the boot camp dvd didn't exactly make me feel zen like.

I would consider this a weight workout as the focus is more on intensity then breath and correct posture. Bob's instruction is pretty good but I did see some former BL contestants seriously out of alignment trying to get there hand to the floor in poses like triangle. For my workout schedule I wouldn't have this replace a more traditional yoga routine but add it in addition.

Bill, Ali, Bernie, Michelle and Heba are the former contestants your following. This was shot during the season Michelle won. You've got a nice mix of body types to follow.
The thing I like about it is that it's challenging and really all you need is a yoga mat.

Have you tried this dvd yet? What were your thoughts?

Have a groovy Sunday!


Shari said...

I have this DVD as well as Boot Camp and I like them both -- a lot. I did Yoga this morning and I do get a good workout from this. I too was sweating!

Good review!

karen said...

I also have both dvds (yoga & boot camp) but have had a hard time finding the time to do them with my little guy's erratic sleep patterns coupled with my wacky work schedule the past few weeks. I'm hoping this week I'll be able to get back into the swing of them again because the few times I did each I actually enjoyed them (even with my being as uncoordinated as I am and how much I wanted to slap Bob at times)!

Amy said...

I have the boot camp and want to give this one a try. Bob likes the plank pose in boot camp as well!

Angie All The Way said...

Hey thanks so much for this, I was wondering if anyone had this and what they thought of it. Question: how many times per week do they suggest you do it in the "Maximum Results Plan"?

Sue said...

Where did you pick this dvd up? I am in Calgary as well and seem to have trouble finding these around.