Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Self perception

Typically we have a habit of thinking we're worse than we really are. Yesterday I was chatting to a friend on the phone before yoga and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I thought "You look svelte". Perhaps it was because I was wearing all black but hey how often does that happen?

Yoga was great, I really enjoy my instructor. She's taking a yoga therapy class and was telling us a smidgen about it and I enjoyed listening to her. Next week is the last class and doesn't start up again until Sept. 16. Oh my, I need to get in the habit of practicing on my own in between.

This evening I'm going to re-visit the Jackie Warner Work Out dvd and I also need to coordinate myself in regards to two birthday presents.

I'm so excited about The Hills returning on Monday and America's Next Top Model in Sept. I can't wait for the Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance. My PVR is ready because work outs are the main priority.

Not a lot to say today, too much to do.


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