Monday, August 11, 2008

Deep thought

Hello All,
If you've been reading along you've seen that boot camp and I are not getting on. I was really bugged by Friday and the workout they were suggesting in that kind of heat (which we are not used to normal seasonal temperatures are 21).

I signed up for week 1 boot camp expecting to be with other week 1 people. To build with a team. That has not been the case. I have been the only beginner boot camper. Other boot camps are structured differently were first timers are grouped together and experienced people are grouped together. In theory someone could probably join this boot camp and not even pay as there seems to be a drop in and out mentality.

So far I have experienced shin splints, heat stroke and a lack luster weight workout. I don't think I like it. I'm not having fun and don't feel any sense of accomplishment whatsoever. I feel in my gut that's something is wrong with this program.

Over the weekend I was tidying up the rec room in the basement and I was looking at all the exercise DVDs I owned. I had a bit of a light bulb moment.

The most successful exercise I have ever had is when I used to come home and go straight to a workout dvd or an outside activity (i.e walking).

So my boot camp is changing a little. I'm not going to go to the one where I seriously think an injury is waiting to happen. I'm going to do my own boot camp.

What you'll get out of this is a review of workout DVDs. I'll get a reasonable schedule back, get home at 5:30 workout until 6:30-6:45 and have dinner at a decent hour instead of getting home at 8.

If I'm going to workout alone then I'd rather be alone. The motivation is there especially to see some results by September 12 which is the last day of boot camp. There isn't a refund policy so the motivation is definitely there to get results. I will compare measurements at the end. This I swear.

The whole purpose of this was to create a habit, I think if I create a habit of exercise at home that will last much longer than a 6 week boot camp. Goodness knows I've wasted money on other things but if I can see a change of 10lbs by Sept. 12 then I'll consider this project a success.

I hope you're not disappointed, I don't think of this as quitting but more as re-focusing. Plus weather will not be an issue. So my blogger friends I shall be completely accountable to you.

Now begins the do it yourself Boot Camp.

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