Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting sucks

I have an interview tomorrow with the company that the headhunter talked to me about on Tuesday. It's funny every day I send people out on interviews but this is the first time a 3rd party recruiter has hooked me up with an interview. Their job description and his verbal description don't totally line up. Based on what he said it seems like a bigger opportunity and responsibility then their job ad. For a moment I got a little scared but then realized what I want is a challenge. For the past year I've been making "make work projects" most of the time. I miss being busy and challenged. So we shall see what comes of it.

The company has a fantastic reputation, there would be growth opportunities so really I should be super excited and I am but sometimes I think I'm a bit of a fraud. Others will describe as totally having my act together and pretty darn smart and I do know that on some level but I wonder if we are ever truly happy with our own efforts or as we are. He told me that he thinks I'll get on like a house on fire with the two other HR people so I am quite looking forward to meeting them.

Plus after the month long process I went through a month ago (2 interviews plus references) it's kind of not wanting to get my hopes up to high. To add to this is my colleague who has now gone through 2 interviews with a different company and they have checked her references and now she waits for the call. It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster this looking for work thing. My recruiter actually told me about the company that she had applied to as he knows the hiring manager. He confirmed their were 4 positions and then I'm not sure if he said she was filling 4 or had filled 4. But now my colleague is a bit stressed and has started thinking she didn't get the job. Of course I tell her you don't know that for sure. It would make total sense for them to be not ready to put forward offer letters any earlier than Friday. I do understand her stress because waiting sucks.

I must share with you my frustrations with the itouch speaking of waiting. Over the weekend I was updating the software according to itunes and it launched my itouch into recovery mode stating error 1604. I google this and find a bizillion mentions of it. I tried every suggestion (about 20 attempts) and nothing worked. Finally one last try and it worked. I go through this every time they launch new software. Apparently iphones can suffer from this too so it shall be interesting to see now that all of North America has access to those babies.

Alright so that's all that is new with me.


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