Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DIY-Boot Camp Day One

I bought this DVD off of amazon.ca after watching Workout on Slice (Canadian channel). We Canadians are a bit behind in the series as they just finished airing season 1. Season 2 starts on Wednesday.

Jackie Warner is a trainer in Beverly Hills that owns one beautiful club. What intrigued me about her as a trainer is she pays particular attention to form and combining moves. The other thing I like about her is she's not annoying. She's matter of fact, friendly and knowledgeable. Not once during the workout did I feel like hitting the mute button.

The DVD is split into 3 components: Lower Body, Upper Body and Core. Each section is 20min and includes stretching for each section. The DVD is set up that you can mix up the sequence of the workouts or just do one or just do two.

I think the location is her club (looks familiar) and it has a clean design. The warm up is done by her and 4 of her trainers. But when the strength/cardio part starts she focuses on one trainer and the rest go sit down. I liked this as it provided clear instruction and shots were focused so you didn't miss anything and could pay total attention to your form.

If you want boot camp at home this is the DVD. One minute reps of weight exercises followed by about one minute of cardio. Keeps your heart rate up the whole time. She gives tips for beginners as well as extra things you can incorporate to make it more advanced. I was definitely challenged and this will definitely be one of my favourites.

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