Friday, August 08, 2008

It's definitely a second day thing

Alright when I first woke up this morning there was more soreness then yesterday. It's not like that's new to me. All through the training for races the 2nd day after would feel worse.

It's going to be 30 degrees today and I'm wondering how I'll do tonight. I'm so not good with hot days. Yesterday also 30 degrees, felt like 45 on the bus. I picked up an Under Armour Heat Gear top, so hopefully it does as it promises -wicks sweat away and regulates body temperature. I brought my red running room cap as opposed to my black one. I also brought my heart rate monitor, I meant to the other day and totally forgot about it. I'll also be carting 1L of H2O.

On Monday after my session their having a nutritional seminar. I googled the nutritionist and her whole philosophy is whole food eating. I have enough research on that and adore the magazine so I think I'll skip it.

It will be interesting to see how this week's weigh in goes. My tracking has not been as good as last week and combined with the all of a sudden weight training I'm not really expecting a loss. Traditionally I never see losses when I work out the day before. Not sure how that happens, but I'll make sure to drink plenty of water today.

Caught bits and pieces of So you think you can dance last night, I have it Pvr'd for later viewing. I'm a little disappointed that Katee didn't win but at least she got some moolah.

Have you heard about Tyra's new show, Stylista. I'm intrigued a competition for stylists and a bunch of big wigs from Elle magazine are the judges.

Not a whole bunch to say today but I'm sure I'll have a lengthy report on day 3 of Boot Camp later on.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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