Sunday, August 03, 2008

Well what do ya know....

Down 2lbs at weigh in Saturday morning, this is what happens when I actually track. The miraculous part of all that is I'm retaining H2O. I ate over points by 16 but earned 15AP so maybe they cancelled each other out.

You see, I was tracking what I ate and the flex points I used. I didn't try to eat AP last week. Of course you say I accidentally ate them.

I got the confirmation letter today. Boot camp officially starts tomorrow at 18:00. We don't need to bring the weights for the first class so that's a bit of a blessing I suppose. I'm so looking forward to Wednesday morning when I have 10lbs of weights, my lunch, workout clothes, runners and post boot camp snack (could take 30-45min to get home) in my backpack and a yoga mat on top of that. I think I'm going to look like I'm leaving for a back packing trip across Europe for 3 days a week.

Now what will be truly interesting is weigh in on Saturday. How will my body react to this intense exercise business especially with a session the day before weigh in. I'm really just hoping I survive the whole thing. I will give you the blow by blow account as I go through this.

I googled the other day and found a blog talking about this boot camp. The author talked about day 1 and then it would be a few days. Nothing was posted after Day 15. This took place in May.

I solemly promise to post about every session and keep you in loop of my progress. They say one can lose 10lbs doing this thing. I'm curious as to what they advise nutrition wise.

Monday am I'm taking my pre-measurements and I'll take them every two weeks until the finale Sept. 12.

A while back I talked about my 6 month plan ala X-Weighted to lose enough weight to get to my goal weight. I'm considering right this very minute my restart as my head was not in the game the first time around. 6 months will be up January 1, 2009. Instead of making yet another New Year's resolution. I'm aiming on ringing in the new year having reached one of the toughest goals of my life.

I'm looking forward to having you all with me on the journey.


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Diane Mandy said...

I found that I weigh heavier sometimes after my strength training sessions, but it's only a temporary thing. Sounds like you are on the perfect track with all of your efforts!