Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a yogini?

Yoga class was great yesterday. I actually knew most of the poses with the exception of dolphin (not sure how I feel about dolphin) and I've reaffirmed my general dislike for plank.

I was happy to see other non-skinny people there. It's a thing I have, I hate to workout with skinny people and be singled out as the bigger girl. Average age was mid 40 so I think I was one of the youngest people there.

It's bizarre I hadn't been in that community hall since girl guides so that's about the age of 12. It's a nice hall, the floors were wood and the wooden ceiling braces were exposed. I brought two mats with me which worked out perfect.

The instructor is super nice, so far every yoga teacher I've encountered has this softness of spirit thing going on or perhaps a better way of phrasing that is a peacefull ambiance.

I ran into my next door neighbour (who has a dog I adore). They're a really nice family, I don't run into them often just when shovelling snow or mowing the lawn. She has been going to these classes since they started in the community. On the walk home she told me that I must have done yoga before and she could tell I've practiced it. Which I thought was funny because I haven't consistently practiced yoga in a long time. I must have good muscle memory. I'm definitely pumped about doing more and encorporating it into my daily routine.

As I stood in mountain pose for awhile I did come to the conclusion that I need to embrace a more cleaning eating attitude and better prepare on the weekend for the week ahead. I'm happy it's a long weekend coming up as this will give me more time to be sorted. I'm not going whole hog and tossing food out that I have now but I'll think hard on what I replace it with that's for sure.

I've noticed a lot of talk on the blogs about how some started out focused on weightloss and gone off track. I too sometimes feel I'm off track but really getting healthy encorporates everything in your life. Sometimes it's just not the time to talk about food or exercise and one must get out what's going on around that.

The beauty of the blog is that it's an open forum. It's your blog, you can talk about whatever you want. Some will comment and some will not. I don't consider this to be a popularity contest.

It's an avenue to sorting things out with aid of others. I constantly come up with plans I'm going to do and then don't but the important thing is I keep coming back with new plans. The trick is to not give up. A new one is on the horizon.

We got talking about boot camp today and a little research showed they're pricey. Why can't I do my own boot camp? Map out a workout plan and post something disgustingly motivational on the wall so that when I don't feel like it I do it anyway. There's loads of info out there ( I own a lot of it).

I'm kind of excited actually, I feel a bit renewed.


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