Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday = Monday

I love long weekends, but I much prefer having the Friday off than the Monday. Why? Because Tuesday winds up being total craziness.

So far I've had an candidate think I'm ripping off her paycheque. After explaining no I'm paying you what the company wants to pay you. The company must also pay for your burdens (i.e taxes and employment insurance), a payroll fee (to accounting to process cheques) and a fee to us (so I get paid). She then apologized for taking it out on me and thanked me for my professionalism.

Then our office manager let me know her last day is Friday, so I'm now in charge of our client event on May 29th. I don't want it, I have so far been asked 101 questions from the person who organized it last year (who was kicked off this event this year because she drives everyone crazy).

My other colleague is revamping her resume and has asked for my help. I make a suggestion and she says "No, I like it that way". That's totally cool with me, but why did you ask for my help then?

I found myself totally hungry at 10:20am. I had all bran with a banana for breakfast - I'm thinking I need to add some protein. Luckily I had some raw almonds in my desk so that took the edge off without having to walk into a convenience store. I have diligently tracked the weekend and that continues today. Yesterday I walked to the mall and back plus mowed the jungle lawn. Tonight is 1.5 hours of yoga. Tomorrow I'm picking up Wii Fit.

Lunch today is a fabulous salad with sundried turkey and bit of cheese. Activia yogurt and a 2pt coffee crips round out the snacks. Supper has to be light due to yoga, so I'm thinking a toasted WW english muffin with some peanut butter. That or a quick omelette with asperagus.

I have 8pts left for supper.

After reading H-Woman's blog which led me to a posting on Shirl's blog, I'm intrigued by Calorie King, or more specifically paying attention to calories as opposed to points. I've often had better success when I've eaten over my points allowance but that's a tricky game. I may look into that more closesly.

It's supposed to rain solidly for the next week, next nice day is Sunday. So the Wii Fit may come in handy.

Alright off to eat my salad. Have a groovy day!

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