Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Half way through

First of all I totally messed up the name of the actor in The Tudors. It's the same guy in the Hugo Boss ads when they're in the boxing ring.

Anyway I finally watched the first episode in it's entirety and I'm offically into it.

I need to shake up my food. I'm always talking about food plans but I find them really challenging. Anything that's printed or posted is not geared at an individual. I think I need to take the "Fixing Dinner" concept and apply to me. Where you figure out your weekly meal plan including leftovers from that week or pre-prepping on the weekend. I often find myself eating the same thing over and over.

I have a crazy weekend ahead school wise but I'm going to take time all this week so the weekend isn't a crazy chapter fest. Somewhere in there I will finally try to get a meal plan that works.

Really looking forward to yoga starting on Tuesday. Yet another thing I have to factor into my increasingly crazy life. Well one class ends at the beginning of June and then the other one ends at the end of June. By July I'll be twiddiling my thumbs :)

Hope everyone is doing well.


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