Monday, May 05, 2008

Embracing The Tudors

When I saw the promos for The Tudors on the good old CBC I was intrigued but I never managed to catch this show. I do think Jonathon Rhys Davies is totally delicious. I downloaded the first season and plunked it on my ipod. I started watching it at the bus stop this morning and I was hooked from the opening montage.

The other day I picked up the book "The Other Boleyn" and I can't put it down. I'm intrigued and I've already attached all the other books on this topic by Phillipa Gregory on my amazon wish list. I didn't hear fantastic things about the movie but I'll wait until it's rentable.

Lately it seems that I'm in to historical dramas. I loved ROME, rented all the episodes last summer. I'll probably wind up doing the same for The Tudors to see it on a bigger screen.

Tonight I need to get myself sorted food wise. This weekend ran away from me. I was busy Saturday and Sunday and never got around to making work lunch so I bought today.

I'm going to make some sort of chicken/pork burger and roasted veggies. All inspired by an episode of Rachael Ray that I caught on my day off Friday. Well she had the roasted veggie part. I came up with the chicken/pork combo on my own. I failed to get this done on the weekend because I cleaned my oven - which took longer than I thought. I also broke the light in the oven while cleaning which sparked the discovery of what kind of light bulb do I need for an oven.

I figured that out and I'll road test the oven tonight.

I need to have my food sorted as so far this afternoon I've been obsessed with chocolate. Yes it's that time of the month for "Snackapalooza". My plan is to have flavourful low point things that keep me satisfied and not in search of snacks. Protein will play an important role here. Activity must also be a priority this week and instead of calling it exercise I'm calling it stress relief.

On Friday I was stressed. I found out that we were too late to submit our registration forms for the Mother's Day walk and run under the corporate challenge. Our leader (in another department) failed to tell us when the date was and didn't bother telling us that he had to beg to get his groups in. I was not happy as I felt I had let down my group. So I walked and forgot to put my heart rate monitor on ( I think I was truckin'). By the time I was done I felt better.
I really feel that exercise can shake you out of any mood that's bringing you down. Which really makes me wonder why I have such a hard time making it consistent.
Alas that is all I have for today. I hope your weekend was restfull and your week goes quickly :)

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