Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Onslaught of reality

Interesting things are going on in tv land due to the writer's strike. A new Biggest Loser will debut in January, so that we will only be a few weeks without. Those of us in Canada also have the first season of Biggest Loser Australia running on slice.

While Project Runway Canada is about to wrap up, we'll finally get to see the new season of Project Runway (Heidi version). I'm trying to avoid mention of the recaps so I can watch it on slice without knowing anything in advance. I'm looking forward to compairing American and Canadian designers.

In regards to Biggest Loser, I'm not really rooting for anyone. I didn't have a favourite this whole season besides the trainers.

Big Brother will be launching in January and it normally runs in the summer. Plus there will be a new season of Survivor.

Lucky for me I am a reality tv buff.

I was a bit disappointed that Heather got knocked off ANTW, I really don't have a favourite for this show. I heard somewhere that Bianca was a fan favourite, I just can't root for her. I find her attitude irritating. I don't find Jena all that model like. Saleisha and Chantal just seem so bland to me. Perhaps tonight will cause me to pick a favourite.

I totally adore Gossip Girl, it's like a sped up soap opera with ridiculously expensive clothes.

On the weight loss front I've been lousy at tracking again this weekend, I guess I needed a break. Eating has been very in control as I keep an eye on the scale. With it being super cold my desire to go the gym has disappeared as when you leave it's even colder. Of course I could be working out at home too. I think sub-consciously I'm waiting for January and a new calendar, which is stupid I know. I hope they have new trackers in at the meeting on Saturday, that can work in the meantime as a clean slate.

I hope all those besieged by winter are warm and safe.


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