Saturday, December 22, 2007

Down 1.6

Bringing me 0.6 away from the 170s, I'm happy with that it's been awhile since I've seen a solid over 1 pound loss. The back of mind is saying it could have been better had I not had dinner at Arby's on Thursday or consumed a beer, two spring rolls and two samosas at the game on top of the 4 pts of snacks I had before leaving for the game. I could have had dinner pre-game and not partaken in the free drinks and not gone over my weekly points, oh well c'est la vie. The game was good, even though we lost in overtime. The Flames played well overall.

I'm also impressed with my loss as this past week has been the dreaded week before TOM, which ususally has me inhaling anything I get my hands on.

After weigh in I popped over to Walmart and got 3 cute Christmas tins. I'll bake my colleagues some cookies to put in the tins and bring them to work on Christmas Eve. Walmart was civilized I hopped on to a self serve tin right away, popped into Safeway after that and no line ups there either. It pays to go early. I did take my eye of the ball in Safeway though, I didn't really need groceries as I'm leaving on Monday but I picked up Ben & Jerry's, almond tarts and egg nog. Got home had one tart, one glass of nog and some ice cream and realized what the hell am I doing so it all went into the garbage. Id rather be out the money I paid for it then start a backwards slide. So I have 6pts left for the day and will probably be making some 0pt soup.

After I get back from my Dad's it will be back to the gym or running outside. I've committed myself to taking part in the July half marathon again this summer and this time I'm going to run most if not all. Training needs to start soon so I can build up my distance. Depending on the condition of my Dad's 100ft dirt driveway, I'm going to do intervals while I'm there and drink copious amounts of water. The good thing about Dad's house is that he buys very little processed food.

I doubt I'll post tomorrow but I may be back on Monday for a quick Merry Christmas.

Don't let any treats wreck your moods this Christmas, it's Christmas afterall. Surround yourself with those you love and know that your blessed.


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