Thursday, December 13, 2007

Damn you debit skimmers

Well my dear friends,
I had one very sleepless night last night as scary events unfolded. I headed to my local convenience store after work yesterday to pick up milk. I tried to pay with debit but the screen said "card use limited refer to branch". I'm thinking "oh oh". I go home try to log into my online banking...nada. Have a voicemail from the bank saying please go to a branch as soon as you can with two pieces of i.d.

Yup, I am a victim of debit fraud. Some bastard got my info deposited an empty envelope saying it contained $700 and took out $1000. I'm out $350. Luckily the Bank flagged it right away and shut everything down. I went into the bank at 10am this morning and I was the second person that day with this issue. They gave me a new bank card, I signed a few things and my money should be back in my account by early next week.

The odds of these people being caught, unlikely due to there ever increasing technology.

I have no clue where it happened, I have some thoughts but hopefully they'll let me know.

So please, please, please be careful this holiday season.

Here's a link to some handy info that you should know.

Here'a link to some handy info on avoiding being a victim.



LME said...

Am so sorry this happened to you! And what a time of year for it to happen, not that there's ever a good one.

I got slammed twice this past year, once with my debit card, and just recently with my credit card. In both cases, they had somehow stolen the numbers; cards had always been with me.

It's such a horrible feeling. I'm super careful now about where I use either, especially that debit card.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Man, that sucks! Hopefully it all works out and they figure out where it happened. Glad your bank flagged it right away and knew it was fraud.

Merry Christmas, eh?!