Friday, December 21, 2007

Party like it's Friday

Whoo, I'm so happy to see Friday. I've had one crazy week and am feeling a bit more sorted now. I'm 99% sure I'll see a loss on Saturday...whoo hoo.

I do have a challenge this evening though, I've been offered a ticket to the Flames game tonight in the box seat section. This is a pretty cushy thing as you have you're own bar and food in each box. I have 9pts for supper that I'll save for the hockey game, I'll snack on 0pt veggies until then. I will consume lots of water and be up late so there shouldn't be too much damage. Now the Flames have just finished a 6 game winning streak and Dallas lost to Vancouver yesterday, it will be interesting I'm sure. Game doesn't start until 8, I hope I can stay awake. Coffee may be in order.

I need to come up with a gift for my 3 collegues, each of them have given me something and I'm thinking of baking them cookies and putting them into a Christmas tin. One gave me a computer mouse pad calender, the other a cute box that has note paper in it and the other a bag of Lindor chocolates. Maybe I'll but together a little gift basket or something. I'll pop into Walmart after weigh in tomorrow and figure it out.

I wish you all safe travels if you're off this weekend. I'll be back tomorrow to report my weigh in.

Have a great night!

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