Friday, December 07, 2007

My beloved water bottle is trying to kill me?

This morning when I woke up to the news the first thing I heard was that Mountain Equipment Co-op (for my American friends that's the Canadian version of REI) has removed all Nalgene water bottles from their shelves. For the full scoop check out the article in The Globe and Mail. It will be interesting to hear the results of the official study into this.

I have a few of these bottles and use it every day but luckily I recently purchased a metal SIGG bottle (see picture) at Roots, so that's my preferred drinking container from now on. I'll need to find a second one for home as I hate carting back and forth.

On to other news:

Had a lovely dinner out celebrating my friend A's birthday last night. I've never been to this restaurant before and I thought it was alright. I was a bit disappointed as I paid a few dollars extra for the Village salad (cucumbers instead of lettuce in a greek salad). It came with 3 pieces of cucumber, 3 pieces of tomatoe and one olive and few strips of green pepper. It wasn't worth the extra $2 by any means.

The continuing adventure of online dating continues.

Firefighter guy dropped off the face of the earth before we either spoke or met in person.

Sales guy and I have moved on to regular email and are going to schedule a coffee.

Forest fighter guy is useless at conversation.

New guy today that we shall call European guy sent the first set of questions.

I find this whole endeavour kind of interesting from an analytical perspective. We shall see what happens.

On the weather front a Chinook is coming (warm air mass that can take us from -20 to +10), thank goodness for that.

Christmas shopping wise, ideas are starting to come to me but alot of these things need to be ordered so I hoping timelines work well.

I'm ready to be more focused WW plan wise, I've had enough of goofing around and half - assed following the plan. I'm going back to basics with a determined focus on working out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Andrea said...

I have a Camelback water bottle that I got at SportChek. I like it. I think it was around $12.

Living to Feel Good said...

Good luck with the guys. I met my husband in a chat room.

Desperate Housewives...What's going to happen to Carlos and Victor? Will Carlos be charged with murder? What about Felicity Huffmans family?? Holy crap. I can not wait till next year!!