Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Survival

Oy vey it's cold out there -24 with windchill and that's celsius people.
The survival guide to winter has kicked in. I'm wearing the toque with ear flaps (From Roots with a smart Canadian flag in the middle of my forehead with matching mitts). The Columbia 3 in 1 jacket is with me today and a scarf. When it's that cold outside I don't care what I look like. I have to exchange a table cloth at Walmart and I'm waiting till Thursday for a balmy -12.

The office 10lb challenge has morphed into a fitness challenge running until March 15. All 6 participants were pretty happy with that especially after the cookie exchange. I wanted to take the focus off of pounds on to healthy behaviour so we shall see how that goes.

I went to weigh in on Saturday with long johns under my sweat pants, changed out of the long johns stood on the scale, changed back into the long johns when I was done. Was down 0.4, which was a surprise.

Had my company Christmas party on Saturday night, it was fun but today I saw the pictures. Isn't it weird how we imagine we look one way and then you see you're picture. There was a lot of that today among the women. Unhappiness with their body image, yet we forget what we've come through to get here. One of my colleagues was in the blues all day because of this and then she looked herself in the mirror and said remember at size 22 she would have killed to be a 10, she's a 10 now. It's like the fat girl never quite leaves your head.

Next year, I'll be getting my 5 year award at the Christmas party and I realized in that moment that I want to be at goal and go up there in a killer dress.

On Sunday I saw Enchanted, it was adorable and I love Disney so to see this take on the classic princess tale was really good. My friend thought it was quite cheesy, but I thought that's the point you have to take it like a fairy tale.

On the eharmony front, Firefighter dude has not been in contact for a few days, which is fine I'm very "C'est la vie" about this. What happens, happens. In the meantime a few other guys have initiated conversation so the wheel keeps moving.

OMG did you see Desperate Housewives yesterday? Who do you think doesn't survive?


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