Sunday, December 30, 2007

As the clocks ticks

Ah the cusp of a new year and the soon to be onslaught of diet propaganda and "New year, New you" being chanted on every channel both tv and radio, in the window of every bookstore and drugstore. Are you ready?

Things I've learned in the past year and things I know I must do:

Diets don't work for me, no magical program named after an exotic location that tells me what I can and can not eat will make me part with my money. Just watched an interesting doc called Diet Confidential - whoo eee do these people make a bizillion dollars off of us with just the marketing of these books.

It's simply calories in and calories out. Weight watchers does work for me providing I follow the program. What I need to work on is consistency and stop treating Weight watchers like my favourite charity by just forking over money every week, I need to work for that money and I mean food and exercise wise.

My head has to be in it or game off.

I must face forward, no looking back.

I must believe with my whole heart that I can do this.

2007 was a wonky year for me, I'm considering it served as the foundation of the amazing accomplishments I shall achieve in 2008.

Who's in?

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Bi0nicw0man said...

Well, listen to you!! Sounds like your on the wagon now. Good luck!!