Monday, December 17, 2007

Things are looking up

Whew, the money has been reimbursed and I am so relieved that I can now pay some bills.

Once again everybody - be careful with your debit and credit cards this is the season where fraud increased.

On to other news.

Weigh in saw a disappointing 1.2 gain, totally self inflicted probably due to stress about the debit card thing. I realize that my lack of losses have been due to not having my head in the game. Well I'm happy to say I've tracked two days and so far so good for day 3 and stayed OP for each day. I've already seen a 1.5 pound loss on the scale. My goal is treat this week like Week 1 on program.

One of my friends was at the meeting and she suggested I rejoin, officially start over with WW-earn my 10% again. At first I couldn't understand why she was suggesting this to me. I then realized she knows I've been on WW for awhile , having a hard time lately and thinks I should be at goal by now, she even mentioned how long I've been a member of weight watchers. I told her I didn't want to do that as I think of that as failure. I want to get it right with the membership I have now. She didn't drop it and brought it up again later. I once again said I'm not interested. I know she means well but I didn't want advice on getting on program - ya know? If I was asking for it that would be one thing, but lately I've been focusing on getting my head back in the game with me, myself and I. I'm going to be the only consistent thing in getting healthy and staying healthy. While I love the love and support of all my weight loss buddies, I wasn't asking for advice. She asked me about workouts and I fully admit that I haven't been to the gym in awhile and she said something along the lines about how she had wondered about that with my quite frequently mentioning tv shows I've seen.

I didn't bother to mention that I PVR most of the shows and watch them on Sundays while I do laundry. I didn't want to get defensive as once again I know she meant well.

My issue is half assed following the program and seeing half assed results

The thing is I'm not concerned with how long I've been on this journey. I've needed the time to face my challenges and deal with them one by one. There are plenty of people in my meeting who have joined mulitple times and I'm proud of them for picking themselves up and re-committing.

She did succeed in firing up a competitive streak in me, so now it's game on. Even if we had never had that conversation it would still be game on. My plan is incorporate more core but not officially flip over, just encorporate more core foods and track them like flex. As I said above so far down 1.5. I'd like to see myself back into the 170's by Saturday.

Happy to see the 2008 changes with WW. The 3 month tracker is a smaller size - yippee, so is the slider. I despised the square version as I found it really awkward.

Here's to taking it one day at a time.


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