Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lack of Progress

I've been pondering many things lately, like why does one want to eat everything when it's cold out and does an organized and neat house lead to joy?

The cold weather thing is because it's been cold and snowy lately (I know for many out there it's been like that for awhile) and I find that myself and others are having snacking issues. My friend called me the other day to say she was eating Nutella straight out of the jar. I have made myself great suppers and then proceed to graze through my kitchen. I think our subconscious thinks that if it's eating it's then warm or it thinks we're going to hibernate.

The organized house thing is from catching the last 5min of Oprah yesterday with that guy from Clean Sweep. He's written a book on how messiness is just not putting things away it's messiness on a deeper level. I think I'll buy this book. If you were to look at my desk it's incredibly organized but my basement is a different story. Now the basement does contain many things that belonged to my parents (one still with us and one not), so perhaps it's emotional avoidance on my part to go through everything and create some sense of order. I'm not sure what emotional baggage leads to avoiding washing dishes. I did tape it so I'll have to watch that and probably buy that book.

I also ordered "The Secret" book and dvd, I thought I had done this a few days o.k but I failed to complete the order process. The good thing is then it said it would ship in 1-2 weeks, now it ships in 24hrs so I should have it early next week. I'm taping todays Oprah as well to find out more about it.

I attempted to workout yesterday and decided to try the Biggest Loser 2 DVD, I didn't get far as I've been a couch potatoe for a few weeks and the jumping into to lunges freaked me out. I did order Turbo Jam a while back and reviewed the move instructions. If I don't get my workouts in gear I will not see a loss on Saturday. I was thinking about trying the 20min Turbo Jam but now I think something tried and true like step aerobics might be better. I also have some Ripped DVDs that I could try as well.

I have about 19 weeks left before my birthday, 30lbs in 19 weeks is possible but I have another goal date in mind July 5 which is the day I have all my doctor's appointments. I'd love to step on her scale and be at a healthy bmi. I know I can do this, it's just a matter of not getting discouraged and not losing faith.


Weight Master said...

I'm not just a neat freak, but I do like everything organized; and, hey now, you can do better than just attempt to workout. That's an essential. Good luck on meeting your goals.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

You're right, I will workout tonight.
Great blog you have by the way.