Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rough night

Oy vey did I have a weird night food wise. I couldn't stop snacking and I was conscious of it. I would tell myself I don't need that and then go ahead and have it...bizarre. I think it was more to do with trying to think of what to make for dinner and then coming up with a few ideas therefore planting the suggestion in my head.

I think our 22 degree drop in temperature in 24hrs didn't help either. It throws you off can cause headaches and just make you irritable. I was feeling the headache last night.

Today I brought my tracker with me so there will be no going off course and temperature should stay steady for the next few days as well.

I also had no desire to workout last night as I was cooking up a storm and them proceeded to fall asleep on the couch during Instyle Weddings. I think I torture myself watching this show. A part of me loves the froo froo of the dress and the flowers. The other part of me thinks I'll never get married. I'm not one of those girls who's in love with the wedding nor do I think I need someone else to complete me. Sometimes when I watch these shows I get wistful and think it would be nice to find one's "soul mate". Maybe it's the onset of Valentine's day that makes me think that way. I am going out on Valentine's Day to a singles event. This event is marketed to professionals or at least the downtown crowd. So we'll see what that like and I will give you all the run down. My good friend H is coming with me so that will fun.

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Sonya said...

I had a weird night too, and am also attributing it to the weather. I made a big vat of pasta with veggies, ate, and collapsed on the couch. I had no energy to make it to the gym!

What is it about cold weather that makes us want to keep eating?