Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lose 10lbs in 6 days

Why is it that all infomericals for fitness doohickeys claim that? Can they do that?
At any rate I was sucked in again and purchased Hip Hop Abs. I was looking for a dance type workout and I saw this guy on Ellen. Well it arrived today so guess what workout I'm doing tonight?

I'm actually quite excited about the workout dvd. I was down .4 on Saturday which I took to be a miracle considering I barely tracked all of last week. The topic at this weeks meeting gave me some things to ponder. We talked about challenges, tips and successes. What I heard was we all have the same challenges and it's funny how when you hear it from someone else you're very encouraging and positive, but if you're going through it we're self critical and defeated. I'm seriously trying to think of it in terms of how much I've accomplished thus far. When I get frustrated that I'm not losing enough (what is enough anyway?) then I think do I want to go back to where I began - hell no!

The other thing we talked about is that's it's natural to fluctuate in weight. Women know all about the retaining water but even a guy in my meeting fluctuates a few pounds.

Well the start of my weekend wasn't too point friendly but I'm okay with that.
Saturday - Went to Diner Deluxe and had an awesome grilled cheese sandwich with soup and a piece of pecan pie which was more like a turtle and not that eatable - good thing I suppose. I saw Music and Lyrics and wasn't all that impressed, it was cute but has some super slow parts. Then got home and read all the chapters in my textbook that pertain to the paper that was due the next day.
Sunday-Got up and went to get a paper, had to walk down the middle of the road due to weird ice rain that turned every sidewalk into sheer ice. When I got back I went straight to my computer and in 3hrs wrote my paper and fired it off. Fingers crossed on the mark, I really think I did the best that I can do. Then proceeded to snack on anything I could get my hands on. I tracked everything.

Monday-Got my hair cut and coloured and it looks awesome, I'll try to post a pic. Everyone says it makes me look younger, typically people guess that I'm 5-7 years younger than I actually am so I'm not sure what they'll guess now. Was very good food wise and made a vegetarian chili for work lunch.

Today-Went to Starbuck and left with a French Toast Scone, not the best idea but I'm o.k with that. I stood there with self dialogue going full force that I didn't need that scone, I think hormones won that round. Got the details on the group project for my course (I despise group projects) and turned on pro-active mode. Emailed all my group members to introduce myself and present an idea on doing the assigment. We're supposed to be special human resources agents working on a secret assignment. Very quirky, I can embrace that. Now the question will be will the team embrace that. Part of our mark is based on peer evaluations.

Have a good day everybody!

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