Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weird Food Day

Yesterday was an odd food day, we had birthday cake in the office at 11am which then threw off everyone's lunch. So I more or less snacked my way through the rest of the meals. Not in a horribly bad way just weird. At lunch I had yogurt and an apple, mid afternoon was popcorn, supper was edamame, baby bell and a turkey bite. Then I made the cheesecake bars and a had a couple of cookies as not to attack the cheesecake. I did make it as light as humanly possible using light cream cheese and light sour cream.

My intention was to read my textbook, it's amazing how many other things I get done instead. I then washed dishes and took out the garbage and putted around until I finally sat down with the book. Then I put on a cd and had to adjust the volume upteen times. Then I wasn't comfortable so there was shifting. I did manage to actually read some of it. I will be more dedicated on Thursday as there are no chores scheduled.

For tonights shindig my original plan was to wear a skirt and then the news said -32 with windchill...that scrapped that plan. It will be a balmy -7 by this afternoon and probably 0 by tomorrow morning. Yes a 30 degree differance in 24hrs, that's just the way it is in my city. Instead of a skirt it's black dress pants, black boots, a black sweater with wrap around details. I brought a red purse with me and Viva Glam 3 lipstick plus dangly earring for after work. I think that will be fine.

I'm really looking forward to dinner, I already know I'm ordering the Delmonico Salad. It's a chef salad that's amazing, dressing on the side of course :) My friend and I got the last possible reservation so that was lucky. We're hoping this single thing tonight will have a variety of ages. It's there grand opening broohaha. I'll give a full report tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone and for everyone in the East...bundle up.

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The Glitterati said...

Haha, I LOVE how much housework I get done when I plan a "reading day"! Strangely enough, I don't get much reading done though...

Your ensemble sounds lovely, hope you had lots of fun. And you can't go wrong with the Delmonico... I've had Cobb salads to try to fill the void, but it just isn't the same. Do post updates on how it all went down!

Yikes, PLEASE don't tell me it's gonna get worse out here. We've already had like 3 weeks of bitter bitter cold, plus a metric crapload of snow yesterday. No more!