Friday, February 09, 2007

Enough is enough

So I stepped on the scale when I got home and gave myself a shock, it looks like a gain of 6lbs. Now this was at the end of the day so it might not be that much but the more important lesson learned was I brought this on to myself. My tracking has been less than stellar, snacking when I shouldn't and not exercising. You know what? I'm done with excuses. If I want this to happen I have to make it happen. So I got off the couch yesterday and did 40min of step aerobics, I made a great healthy dinner and didn't snack like crazy afterwards. My day could have been better but it's done and it's on to a new day. I seriously thought about skipping weigh in if I had a gain and then I thought why. Avoiding the scale is not going to make it better, I need to face up to it and move on.

After reading Alea's post today (which totally gave me goose bumps) I was truly inspired by what she had to say. I can't wait to see "The Secret".

Over on Jessifer's blog she talked about it as well and I'll follow her lead in listing a few things I'm greatful for.

I'm greatful for my independant spirit and strength - putting together a bed, dresser, night stand all by myself and not afraid to take on projects.

I'm greatful for my brain and my ability to grasp concepts quickly and being the go to person for many others. Not to mention my witty sense of humour.

I'm greatful for my health and realizing it's precious and needs to be taken care of.

I'm greatful for my parents who taught me right from wrong and that I can do anything.

I'm greatful for my friends and that means all my friends in blogland and my here and now friends H and AP -plus many others, who constantly amaze me with their brilliance and presence.

What are you greatful for?


jodi said...

i taped the oprah 'secret' show but haven't watched it yet, i'm anxious to see it though... :o)

i'm grateful for a lot of things... my health, even though i've had some issues over the last couple years... my boyfriend, who loves me at any weight... my friends, who are there for me thru good/bad... my family, esp. my mom who i've become very close too... my creative nature that allows me to use my brain for fun and interesting things... and i'm grateful for all the people i have met while blogging... :o)

Sonya said...

typing in the other.

you are awesome - i admire your determination. thanks for giving me some perspective and inspiring me.