Monday, February 12, 2007

Reality Check

After a battle of internal dialogue Saturday morning, I did go to weigh in and discovered I was up 3.8lbs, wasn't surprised nor disappointed. It's done and I'm on to positive focus.

I have a well planned day ahead of me and I'm consciously taking it day by day, pound by pound.

I've been really focusing on having a more positive outlook and mind set. Making sure my self talk is positive and everytime I felt myself slipping this weekend I had an internal declaration of "I choose to give myself the best life ever" (Inspired by Oprah).

I got The Secret DVD and Book today, it's still in the shipping package because I know the minute I open it gone will be my focus for the day.

I've got a bit of a crazy week ahead and I'm trying to organize myself. I have to bake a birthday cake for Thursday, going out on Wednesday and have a paper due on Sunday, friend coming in on Saturday.

My plan is to make cake today or Tuesday, then I have to figure out what to wear to a singles event for Wednesday. Every availabe space of time in between will be focusing on this paper. It's an instructional manual about to communicate with me, how to inspire me, how to work with me etc. It's worth 20% so I'd like to put something good together and not be frantically putting it together Sunday morning.

On to a great week everybody!


duenneschen said...

i swear...weight always happens so fast!

i know youll have a great week!

Alea said...

Enjoy The Secret! I'll be thinking of you... :)