Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Mating Rituals

Last night was interesting. H and I went for dinner and were pitched a sweetheart's menu at $110 for two. We declined since we both wanted the salad. Split bruschetta to start and Metropolitan Grill does an awesome bruschetta, I think it's due to the balsamic vinegar on the little toast. Then we split a molten chocolate cake for dessert.

We headed over the singles shindig and found that woman outnumbered men. Most of the women were in there mid forties and the guys were mostly in their late 40s to 50s. Not exaclty our crowd. They had an ice breaker quiz where you had to fill your bingo card of questions with the initials of someone who's done it. H and I were very relaxed players not moving from where we sat. We agreed to stay till 7:30, I did my version of social commentary of all the players in the room and before we knew it was 8. We were herded into another room because people were too spread out. Awkward man who struck out with the other women in the room decided to flirt with us and did rather poorly. Accused me of wearing coloured contacts (my eyes are green naturally), asked if my hair colour was natural and then proceeded to flick my and H's earrings to see which one swung a word...creepy.

We made a hasty retreat and went to Earl's across the road. We sat in the lounge at a booth and observed the mating rituals of the people seated around the bar (who was into who and who appreciated the attention). The server was so sweet, she could tell we had a story so we told her of our adventure. She brought us shots of Cinnamon Girls (on her) to us and had some guy give us roses with the priceless line of "Your beauty has not gone unnoticed". Really how sweet was that for her to arrange that for us. The only downside is by the end of the night we had both gone waaaayyyyy over our points. Alas it's only one night.

The bad news is I heard from H this morning and it looks like she got food poisoning last night. I'm o.k and we ate pretty much the same thing with the exception of dessert at Earl's. She had the chocolate cake and I had a gelato sundae.

H-If you read this hope you're feeling better.

Have a groovy day everybody!


Sonya said...

Sorry to hear that the singles event was a bust! But the food you had sounds amazing! Yummola. Now THAT'S what Valentine's Day is about!:-)

The Glitterati said...

Yikes, sorry to hear that the shindig wasn't so much fun, and even sorrier to hear about H. At least now she can say that the event literally made her hurl! :S

Psshaw, and how do you know the Earl's waitress set up the roses thing? I am still busting a gut over creepy guy, he really needs to work on his game!