Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 29 - Funny how a one phrase effects you

I tend to check Facebook before I head out for the day, I remember a time I would rarely go on there but I seem to be on there a lot more. I was happy I was today as WeightWatchers posted the above.

Remember yesterday I was talking about skipping WI but I knew that wasn't a smart idea well this phrase just made me feel better about going.

I always get up a few hours before WI and this morning I was watching a show I had pvrd on the BBC network called Secret Eaters. The premise from what I gather after watching one episode is that it has two people who are overweight but don't really understand why, they think they're eating healthy and they go to the gym. The show puts cameras in their house which they're aware of but what they don't know is they're also followed by private investigators.

They go about their week not changing any eating patterns and filling out a food diary. At the end of the week  they go to cafe when concealed doors open to reveal a type of incident lab. The participants see what they really ate for the week and see footage from the cameras and the PIs. In this episode it was two sisters who each tracked an average of 1200 calories a day in their diaries but the actuality was they were actually eating about 3 times that. One sister had this theory that after you work out you can eat whatever you want for an hour. Another thought a croissant was a light snack as it's so airy.

What's also neat about this show is has snippets where the show host and experts show experiments on how we overeat. For example on this episode they had an art class where they provided snacks. They divided the group into two. Each group got identical cakes and treats but one group's treats were labelled as low fat and the other group with more decadent names. The test was to see do we eat more if we think it's healthier. They also put a camera in a pub and offered free appies and tracked how people grazed.

It made me think of the BLTs, you know the bites, licks and tastes that we don't track.

I then headed to the meeting and faced my 1.6 lb gain, I also picked up a new 3 month tracker. There were far less people then normal. Some of the people I remember who used to stay for the meeting now weigh in and go.

I think the new leader is definitely dedicated but a little frazzled. She was also the leader on Tuesday nights. I remember when she was sort of teasing a member who likes Nutella, yet the leader has declared her love of Fat Free Cool Whip. I'm of the theory everything in moderation but don't knock Nutella if you're eating the chemical by product called Fat Free Cool Whip.

The topic this week was making a losing list, now I already knew that thanks to twitter and yes Facebook. She got us to start writing one right there. Now this is not a foreign concept to me. I'm in HR and as part of performance management we often coach managers on intrinsic and external motivators.

There are a myriad of reasons why we decide to start a healthier lifestyle or deciding to walk through the doors of WeightWatchers. Now this is not my first rodeo with WeightWatchers either after all 3rd time is the charm right. An external motivator might get you to start like a doctor's advice or seeing yourself in vacation pictures but what keeps us going?

I know when I follow the plan as in track and focus on healthy behaviours it totally works. When the results don't happen the fault is 100% my own for half following or not following.

I've been thinking a lot about the losing list for the past week and this what I've noted so far.

This one is kind of a no brainer but I know I'm increasing my chances of illness if I don't get my weight under control. I don't want to be responsible for hurting myself.

My knees aren't fond of stairs especially the right one and I know that will be a whole lot better with less weight.

My father died of high blood pressure and I want to make sure mine is in the normal range.

I think vanity can be huge factor, like I want to feel cute and yes sexy, more confident, dress to impress not to camouflage. I've bought clothes in a smaller size to motivate myself, I want to wear them.

I've been single for a long time and I know if I'm going to put myself out there I need to work on my confidence.

I want to be faster in my races and start in earlier corrals. Feel better after the race as well.

In the meeting the leader also focused on those that were lifetime which I did think was nice. As it's nice to hear from them, I think we often think that when we hit that number we want all the work stops which is so untrue. I know for me it will always mean focusing on healthy habits and being mindful.

After weigh in I headed down to another Christmas fair and I got there before my friends as they were running late. Well I walked the whole thing and was less then impressed and again I questioned my being there. I found the whole thing rather meh. Lots of food that wasn't remotely good for you, trinkets and baubles that I just see as stuff. It really was just a whole lot of stuff and a whole lot of people who don't pay attention where they're going.  I've come to the conclusion I don't care for these craft fairs, now perhaps something smaller where you don't need to pay to get in would appeal to me more. I decided to leave before my friends arrived and sent a text wishing them a good time. I heard from them later and they didn't like it either apparently the one in Edmonton is better.

Tonight is the company Christmas party, I'm not going. Primarily because I figured with the fair I'd be peopled out. I'm feeling emotionally fragile lately especially with all this Christmas stuff. This would be another event with a whole lot of people where what I really needed was some quiet time.

I'm committed to a home party on the 14th and I'll do that but other then that my festivities will be kept to a minimum as soon I'm off to Tokyo.

Next week I intend to weigh in on Friday as I'm doing the Santa Shuffle 5K on Saturday - which is also my Dad's birthday. Now a massive winter storm is apparently heading our way to hit late Sunday but temperatures will be dropping. Next Saturday has a forecast of -16c with a windchill of -20c otherwise known as -4F. Right now it's 2C, what can I say we're a hearty people. The overnight low is supposed to be -24c/ -11.2F on the 7th. Yeah I'm thinking long johns will be necessary.

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