Friday, December 06, 2013

Day 35 - Just plain BRRRRRR....

It is freaking cold out there. -32C with wind chill that would be -25.6F. I have today off as I opted to use one of PTO (paid time off) days. Originally I had planned a whack of errands but when I woke and saw the weather forecast I declared it Flannel PJ Day.

Oh in case you are unfamiliar with a wind chill warning...

Yes that's frostbite to exposed skin in less than 10 minutes.

This is the forecast for tomorrow morning:

I've decided not to do the Santa Shuffle 5K tomorrow, I have a rule that if it dips below -25C and that's base temperature wind chill could easily be -35C to me that's way too cold to be running outside plus I would taking transit there no warm car.

Not to mention earlier this week we got walloped with a blizzard, on Monday when I tried to go to work my shuttle bus never came so I walked 11 blocks to the train station. You couldn't tell where the sidewalk ended and the road began. I walked through drifts that were past my knees. I started to debate the 5K then.

This what Calgary looked like after getting dumped on.

Photo Credit: 

It's incredible to think last Sunday roads were bare and hardly and snow. There snow is so packed on the road in front of my house it's pretty much level with the sidewalk.

Some pour folks had their vehicles buried.

Photo Credit: The Calgary Sun

On Monday I was a winter ninja

This was my ensemble on Tuesday in what I call the sleeping bag coat.

So happy I picked up a second and slightly different pair of Ugg winter boots, I had thought these would be better for deep snow...I was right.

In this type of weather your fashion inspiration is more like this:

I usually leave for weigh in at 8am so tomorrow I'll be talking the shuttle bus to as close to the meeting as humanly possible. I'm just hoping they're running on time, I know there have been issues today. There is another meeting on Saturday that starts at 10am but there's it will only be about 3 degrees warmer so best to throw on long johns bundle up like mummy and go.

At some point on Saturday it is supposed to warm up to -18C...maybe... but that won't be till late afternoon and more snow is forecasted for Sunday and Monday.

This week has been rough, my mind keeps going to tomorrow which is my Dad's birthday. No gym as with the crazy weather it took longer to get home.

Today I figured it was a good day to tackle the mountain of paper that's been occupying my dining room table for months. All stuff I grabbed from Dad's house to be sorted later. I got through half of it and needed a break so now it's cheezy Christmas movie time.

The other day I recorded Deepak Chopra's - What are you hungry for? on PBS. I'm going to watch that today and hopefully reset my head.

Japan in two weeks.

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Patty said...

OMG, that is cold! Good call on taking the day off and rethinking the 5k. Stay safe and warm. Thinking of you. IsJapan for work or fun?