Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 11 - Basic tourist Japanese begins

Hello my friends,

I was having some weird internet issues and been spending more time on the phone with my internet provider , and climbing ladders to tell them what lights are on the modem then blogging.

So let me start with WW, I was down .8 this week which brought me back to 27 points a day. Which I was happy about while being conflicted about.

My training hit a wee snag with it snowing every weekend, this weekend was supposed to be 8 miles then we got 3 inches of snow. I'm looking at indoor tracks as snow will be inevitable for the next 4 months and I need to have a plan B.

Today I had to miss my treadmill appointment to be home for the internet guys, they replaced the entire modem so hopefully no more pixelation issues and the total loss of service 2 days in a row.

My intention is to hit the treadmill tomorrow and Thursday to make up some time. Friday I'm being taken out to lunch by my boss as it's my 5 year anniversary with the company. Then I leave early to go see an Art Market and dinner with my friends. I'll need to tread carefully as I do have weigh in the next day.

Today I met with the lawyer to sign round one of the paperwork for my Dad's will. It hit me today that next week will be 5 months since he passed. It amazes me that so much time has passed and in a little over a month I'll be in Tokyo.

I desperately miss my Dad every single day. I know he's think Tokyo is crazy but hopefully gets the why I need to do this.

Speaking of Tokyo, I did get a Pimsleur Japanese language CD and started it today while on the train, yeah that won't work as it's necessary to repeat things out loud. So I did on the walk home as I passed no one and I figure any cars passing might think I was talking on my phone via the headphones. I simply need to put aside 30min a day for this and I can. I do like how the CD works though as they definitely know the science of language learning with the focus on the saying out loud plus all examples are based in a situation. For example lesson 1 is asking someone if they speak English. Using things like excuse me, I understand, I don't understand...handy me thinks.

I came home early in order to wait for the techs so I was washing dishes and trying to listen to the lesson, I definitely realize that it's best to do nothing and just focus on the lesson from now on.

I'm debating on going to FitBloggin next year, I missed this year due to my Dad passing. Next year it's in Savannah. I'm realizing that is not a popular destination from Calgary as most flights are 2-3 connections and take an full day. However thanks to my FitBloggin FB friends a suggestion was look at flight to a major hub and then the connecting flight separately from a US city, that could actually save me some moolah.

Alright that's where I'm at, I hope all is well with you.


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Enz said...

I love Savannah!!!!