Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Day 5 - Seasonal Adjustments

So do you find yourself changing habits because the season is changing?

As winter has arrived in my fair city I do find myself doing things a little differently, for example I hit the treadmill on Tuesday for the first time in a long time. I prefer outside, but my neighbourhood was still very icy and with it darker earlier I went with the safety of a treadmill. At least in daylight I can see the ice better.

Well the evil treadmill. I have 2 gym memberships - yes I know that sounds ridiculous but they're both super cheap and together equal less then average gym membership.

I went to the office gym on Tuesday and faced off with the evil treadmill.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo but I've never been good at taking shots while moving. The reason I think this particular treadmill is evil is it's all touch screen, so when changing speed it's not consistent. Keep your finger on that part a little to long and the speed jumps dramatically. The other thing is it's metric. Now I live in a metric country but most treadmills are imperial. I train in miles to fool myself into thinking 13.1 sounds better then 21. On Tuesday my foot pod wouldn't talk to my Garmin so I'm assuming the battery is dead.

The other change is that instead of going straight for coffee when I get to the office I now stop off at my desk to take off all the winter wear and then go get a coffee.

This weekend I need to pick up waterproof mascara as the early morning cold temperatures are messing with my water resistant mascara.

Not to mention in winter I need to up my skin care as what I use in the summer is not enough moisture.

The other day I went through the hall closet to locate the toques and gloves, it's just going to get colder.

It's funny I've been super on plan this week but today that went out the window. I'm thinking hormones. At least I can identify it and move on.

How is your week going?


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Carla Birnberg said...

I hate winter.
I wanna wanna wanna cocoon.