Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mad as all get out

The weather has been wild and wacky, as I last told you we had a blizzard then the weather stayed ridiculously cold. Yesterday when I left for work it was -27c, today when I left for work it was -7c, yup a 20 degree difference in 24 hours. That's the way we roll and why I have 4 different levels of winter jackets.

I got the shock of my life on Tuesday when I got an email from PayPal saying I bought an $800 unlocked Iphone. Say what?????

I checked and not only did some dude or pretend dude from Winchester, California order a phone on my account. I also say that there were two attempts to transfer money from my credit card well thankfully that was declined. What makes me mad is PP didn't flag it. Why would an American buy something from an American vendor using a Canadian account. So mad.

So now PP is looking into it and I've alerted the CC company and told them my card was compromised. I'm so annoyed that the moment this is resolved I'm cancelling.

It's funny, I was asked by a coworker why I used PP and I didn't have a really good answer. It's convenient is all I could say.

Today I signed up for the Cinderella Royal Family 5K, yup that will mean a 5K on Friday, a 10K on Saturday and a Half on Sunday in February.

I have to admit my training has suffered lately due to the bad weather and then this weekend I was feeling like I had a cold, so I've focused on rest and copious amounts of Vitamin C. Today it was just a wee sniffling so I returned to the gym and spent 35 min on the treadmill.

It felt really good which surprised me. Well signing up for that 5K definitely lit a fire for me as I realize the weather excuses need to stop.

Tomorrow I will return to the gym and spend some time on the rower, that should be interesting as I haven't used that piece of equipment in awhile.

Well I hope all of you are well.


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