Saturday, November 16, 2013

Snow Day

All day yesterday the weather forecast was Snow Fall Warning interchanged with blizzard, well this is what I saw when I got up this morning.

Ugg, I can handle snow but when it's teamed with high winds today was a day you stay home unless you absolutely must go out. They actually declared a tow ban on the highway to Edmonton, not familiar with a tow ban that pretty much means you go out and get stuck you are on your own as no tow trucks are coming.

In Calgary itself there were over 100 accidents before 11 am.

I did not go to weigh in.

Instead I revisited

Call it my own in home meeting today. You see yesterday I got taken out to lunch for my 5 year work anniversary and then I met my friends to go to an art market and a steak dinner, had I gone today I would have seen a gain but I was prepared for that. The gain would be result of the night before.

Today I did think because I knew Friday would be challenging and the weather would be bad on Saturday I could have weighed in on Thursday at lunch, yet I didn't. That bugged me more that I could have gone to a meeting this week had I just thought about it.

I need to be a whole lot better at planning and that means packing my lunch and snacks for 4/5 days a week, I figure if I allow myself to buy lunch on Wednesdays that will break up the week. I'm notoriously bad at packing lunch as I get super boring. On Thursday I bought a ham sandwich on marble rye bread and thought I could make this at home.

I'm also terrible at meal planning, maybe because I'm on my own but I know I can overcome that.

I also am realizing that snow every weekend is not helping my run training and looked into passes at a local gym with an indoor track, I figure that won't quite as mindless as a treadmill for longer distances. Though the treadmill might not be so bad if I have movie or something on the iPad. I need to test my maximum distance on the treadmill before I get downright squirelly.

I'm also going to visit the company gym for often during the week - they are open on Saturdays too and will way emptier then the Spa Lady, my gym bag is under my desk right now. I have duplicate shoes from when I was at site so all I need to do is switch out the clothes. For classes and Sundays it will be Spa Lady.

I also did a lot of thinking about when did my get up and go, get up and start to drift away. I think I can track it back to when I first got told I was being transferred back to Calgary but no indication of what position I would go into to, which would be about when I got boss #4. Then my Dad passed away and I started a new job 2 weeks later. The new job brought we back into an environment with loads of temptations aka food courts. To know how I got here helps me get myself out of it and the past few weeks have been good but I know could be better.

I did find two new running skirts from Rock City Skirts.

 I love this Disney villain inspired skirt it could be Maleficent or Ursula, I'm thinking ahead to Tinkerbell or Princess Half for this one.
This one I hope gets here in time for the Santa Shuffle 5K.

What can I say I seek inspiration from sparkles.

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