Monday, November 04, 2013

Day 3 - Winter dress rehearsal

Today I want to talk about winter boots, maybe not a thrilling topic but if you have winter where you live I think you'll understand.

I take winter seriously, I will always choose function over fashion but if I can find function and fashion I'm thrilled especially that I now work downtown again.

Normally my go to winter boot is Sorel, in the past few years Sorels have also become fashionable as you can get them in Holt Renfrew, kind of like the Canadian version of Nordstroms.

Now when I was a at site where winters could get as cold as -40c, I had an amazing pair of Sorels.

They eventually died so I replaced them with another pair, now mind you I bought the new pair on sale and didn't really put a whole lot of thought in to them.

I think I liked them because they were pink. I'm not a fan of them anymore. For one thing my old Sorels had amazing traction through snow, slush and on ice. I wore these the last few days and I was slipping and sliding all over the place and there is ice everywhere. I was totally surprised by this. Now these ones were about $50 less then my old pair so perhaps I inadvertently bought a crappy pair.

I started a little research thinking about at site where we had a requirement for boots and one of the things that met the requirements are vibram soles.

Low and behold Ugg makes winter boots with vibram soles. I read a few reviews online that just raved about them. They're waterproof, good to about -20c, have a smaller footprint (the Sorel's do have a monster foot print). They are super light too, which most Sorel's are not. I was totally surprised but I decided to give them a try so first road test is tomorrow. Can I say how surprised I was to see so many people in the regular Uggs today. I enjoy how Ugg tells you they're not for excessive walking.

Don't get me wrong when a blizzard hit or there's more then a foot of snow outside I bring out the big guns.

Notice that totally different soles, these are a little cumbersome but like I said when that kind of weather hits I'm ready.

Tonight I also tested taking the shuttle from the train station home as opposed to walking home from one station over. It worked well.

Tomorrow I'm packing a gym bag as treadmill season has started. I will run outside in winter but not when it's icy and it's super icy right now. The morons who didn't shovel have sidewalks of pure ice. The last two weeks have been super snowy and slush which has not helped my long runs. I'll have to take it week by week.

Speaking of ice, I was very good today. I packed my lunch, I had 6 cups of water done before 3 pm but then  I fell victim to the Icy Chocolate Squares. I love them but today I found the nutritional info.

Each square is 2 pts, I had 5 of them (not all at once) by the time I thought I should track this yeah 9 pts for those suckers. I guess I should be happy it didn't work out to 10 pts.

Still I have plenty of WP so it's not huge damage.

When I was walking through the mall to get to the train station, I did have a brief thought of I should pick something up for dinner. However I talked myself out of that as I have low point options at home.

Hope your Monday went well.


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Enz said...

I call my good winter boots "old lady boots" !!!